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Welcome to Scottdale, Georgia 

and north (unincorporated) Avondale Estates

The Neighborhood

Originally considered a mill town, the Scottdale community was formed upon the construction of a cotton

 mill in 1900, which was then owned by the Scott’s Investment Company.  In more recent history,

 Scottdale has been experiencing an increase in development that has occurred because of it’s sought after

 location and many amenities. Private development along with a county "Revitalization Plan" has helped turn

 Scottdale into Atlanta's next success story.


 Scottdale is conveniently located just inside Hwy 285 only minutes from two other major Atlanta

 thoroughfares, Hwy 20 and Hwy 85, which provide easy access to all parts of Atlanta.

Scottdale is just north of Avondale Estates only minutes to downtown Decatur, The CDC and Emory University.


 Scottdale boasts the following amenities....


 Hamilton Recreation Center and Field

A large facility with basketball gym and baseball / football field. The recreation center has many meeting and activity rooms for kids and adults. There is an After School program and Summer Camp programs on site. The gym has open play for the community as well as organized sports programs. In 2018, Dekalb County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw allocated funds to refurbish the gym floor and other amenities with the support of the community Friends of Hamilton Recreation Center.

 Cedar Park

was recently granted a park visioning grant to redesign the park area in 2020. Friends of Cedar Park are leading the redesign and visioning efforts that will include a refurbished bridge, new entrance area, better courts, updated play equipment and easier access for the handicapped.

Take the survey today!  Cedar park currently has a covered area, basketball courts, a kids playground and an open green space on the south side. To be part of Cedar Park visioning process, attend upcoming ZOOM meetings by registering online:

Big Ideas - September 15th | 6:30pm Register Here!

Draft Plans - October 13th | 6:30pm Register Here!

Final Plan - November 19th | 6:30pm Register Here!


Tobie Grant Recreation Center    

 This older facility is on land donated from Mrs. Tobie Grant and is in the process of being redeveloped by Dekalb County.

There is a proposed site plan for demolition of the current recreation facility and library to create a new facility by 2021. The site where these facilities

 currently exist provided the best area for the construction of a new recreation center and library.

The Tobie Grant pool has a new Splash Pad (2019) and new diving board.


 The proposed 40,000 square foot recreation building was near a relatively flat portion of the site that was

 used as a baseball field and would also include parking. The pool will stay in its current location but have easier access with the land design changes on the proposed plans. In addition to the building the site plan has 170 parking spaces and a proposed playground that would contain new age-appropriate

 equipment. The footprint would support the following program elements: Lobby area, reception desk, administration area, vending area, gymnasium, dance room, indoor track, weight room/cardio area, aerobics room, child activity area, classroom, meeting room, community room, locker rooms, and a public library.

Brookside Park & Dog Park

is a large green space that includes a community garden, pavilion, playground, walking trails and enclosed dog park. The park boarders I285 with entrances on N. Decatur Rd. and Rockbridge Rd. In 2016, DeKalb County District 6 Commissioner Kathie Gannon worked with Community Development to tear down a dilapidated apartment complex and gain funding to create a beautiful park project. She, along with the Friends of Brookside Park, have created a sustainable community park for the area!

Needham Park

is a DeKalb County park on McLendon Drive, nestled in the greater Sargent Hills neighborhood. The Friends of Needham Park are working on clearing and updating the park to fulfill the needs of the community.

 The Path

 "The Path" runs through Scottdale. This network of off - road trails in and around Atlanta that is designed for

 walkers, runners, cyclists and skaters. It is a series of scenic greenways designed to preserve our region's

 forested character. The Path runs from Stone Mountain Park, through Scottdale, Avondale Estates then Decatur, Atlanta and on to

 the Alabama border.

Scottdale Avondale Community Group

To educate and promote the parks, green space and the connectivity of the community. The organization provides community networking that presents the various projects and concerns in the area. We welcome all residents, as well as non-resident home and business owners to attend meetings  QUARTERLY on the Second Wednesday of the month, 6pm, at the Hamilton Recreation Center.

COMMUNITY MEETINGS: 6pm at Hamilton Recreation Center

Feb 12, 2020

May 13, 2020

August 12, 2020

November 11, 2020

Recreation & Parks

Brookside Park

Brookside Park features a Community Garden and fenced in Dog Park area. 

Scottdale Steel Mill

The last of the mills in the orginal Scottdale area



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